Reservation school looks to reap the wind
By Jomay Steen, Journal Staff Writer

KYLE -- Oglala Lakota College has collected its first month's worth of data in its year-long wind-energy study on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

With help from Foundation for the American Indian, an organization involved in promoting wind energy on reservations, the college has started recording wind speeds and directions. >>> More from

Wind Turbine Blows Away Turtle Mountain Fuel Cost

When Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC) installs a 660-kilowatt wind turbine this summer, the tribal college will be completely energy self-sufficient. The 135,000-square-foot college building is designed around the concept of the Four Directions and the Seven Teachings of the Ojibwe. The building's entire heating and cooling system is built on geothermal energy (natural heat from the earth) and uses no fossil fuels. >> More from

Good Energy
Native Americans Lead the Way

Mainstream America may not realize it yet' but the age of dependence on energy sources that scar the land and pollute the air is passing. The age of clean, renewable energy — from sources like sun and wind, running water and green plants — is on its way in. And Native Americans are leading the revolution. >> More from Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory

Foundation for the American Indian is collaborating with the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to promote sustainability and economic stability on Indian Reservations.

"Making a comeback isn't easy for most American companies, but in two short years
A & S Tribal Industries on the Fort Peck reservation has done just that.

The company is riding the surge of increasing demand for its defense products as well as diversifying at a time when other companies across the nation are downsizing.

The metal fabricator and netting manufacturer, owned by the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes, was awarded a $50,000 grant Nov. 14 from the Foundation for the American Indian located in Greenwich CT."

Indian County Today, The Nation's Leading American Indian News Source

The 2002 North American Indigenous Games
Taking 91 Athletes this summer, July 25 to August 4, from Pine Ridge Reservation to compete in Winnepeg Canada. Foundation for the American Indian has contributed $1000 to the NAI Games. We are seeking $50,000 in total funding for travel, meals, and lodging for these athletes.

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