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Joan Prentice Andrews has been involved in charitable causes most of her life. Joan is the Granddaughter of the late Richard P. Ettinger, Founder of Prentice-Hall, Inc. and Daughter of the late Paul R. Andrews, President & CEO of Prentice-Hall, Inc.She is also the niece of the late Richard P. Ettinger, Founder of the Native American Preparatory School, in Rowe, New Mexico (a residential school for gifted and talented Indian students, grades 9-12).
Ms. Andrews has worked tirelessly to facilitate Native American Programs and she has traveled extensively, throughout the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), meeting with Tribal Councils and Indian non-profits, regarding foundation funding initiatives and program development.

As an honors graduate of prominent educational institutions, such as the Pratt Institute, State University of New York, Briarcliff College, and the American School in Switzerland (curriculum vitae), Ms. Andrews uses her background in the arts, design, architecture and history to identify and access areas of opportunity and support for Native Americans.

Ms. Andrews combines her duties as a Founder & President of the Foundation for the American Indian and her experience as a 32-year former Board Member of The Educational Foundation of America, to identify programs for funding in education, the environment, Health, American Indian Communities, and youth. Ms. Andrews’ role as a Board member assisted in making the Educational Foundation of America the third largest Foundation funder of American Indian programs in the country.

Ms. Andrews is also a former Board member of the Association on American Indian Affairs, a 25-year old indian advocacy organization; she is also a former member of the Ettinger Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee. Joan Andrews also lends her tireless support as an Advisory Board Member for the Patriot National Bank, Greenwich, Connecticut and as a former Board Member for the Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk, Connecticut. In addition, Ms. Andrews is a radio talk show host, at WGCH radio in Greenwich, CT covering a variety of subjects, local and national in scope, involving issues in the Native American Community.

Ms. Andrews and Foundation for the American Indian are active participants in major conferences, regarding Native American issues. In 1995, she was a speaker on economic development at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (Department of the Interior) in Anchorage Alaska, a speaker at the Military Base Closure Conference in Washington, D.C., and facilitated a base closure ad hoc meeting for the National Congress of the American Indian.

In 1996 Ms. Andrews was a planner, fund raiser, facilitator and speaker for the Native American Conference Consortium at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia where she interfaced Tribal Leaders and Foundations with President Jimmy Carter and Roslyn Carter. She was a speaker on military base acquisitions at the National Conference for the American Indian in San Diego, California and a speaker at the American Indian Higher Education Consortium in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Ms. Andrews also facilitated meetings for Native American programs at the National Network of Grant makers in Atlanta, Georgia and was a speaker at the Oweesta Conference on the Oneida Wisconsin Reservation.

Ms. Andrews continues to fund and leverage funding from other foundations, corporations, and individuals for Tribal Communities throughout the United States, in the areas of education, technology and economic development. She continues to serve on Indian non-profit boards, hosts conferences to train tribal communities in grant writing and leveraging of funding, and interfaces tribal communities and numerous foundations.